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Wave Patterned Lacrosse Shorts Release 2/1/2019

Crosse Shorts is releasing our 7th unique lacrosse shorts design on 2/1/2019.  We came to the decision to launch this wave design long ago after much careful deliberation.  After all, how can you think of flow and not think waves?  It just makes sense.  We’ve had such amazing feedback on our shorts to far so we’re very excited to see what the players think of these because they are our team’s favorite yet!  Check out a sample of the new wave shorts below. 


By 1/18 we will have the new design officially launched on the site, at that time...

New Lacrosse Short Design Release: Mathbook and Miami Vice

Surprise surprise!  We’ve got two new lax short designs available on the site!  We’re extremely excited to announce our Mathbook and Miami Vice lax shorts.  These are definitely two of our coolest creations to date and we think you’ll find that to be true.  They have the same comfortable feel of our previous designs, same length, and same material.  We had two insipirations for these patterns:

  1. Mathbook pattern: We went to high school in the 2000s. During that time, it felt like every math book had the exact same art...

Cyber Monday Lacrosse Shorts

Cyber Monday Lacrosse Shorts

We love the holidays and we love Lacrosse Shorts. That's why we're giving everyone 20% off their entire lacrosse shorts order and free shipping for Cyber Monday, 2018! We think our shorts make for great gifts. Buy them for yourself, your kids, your relatives, or your friends!

This year we have our 4 starter designs of lacrosse shorts: penguins with lacrosse sticks, pizza lacrosse shorts, dinosaur lacrosse shorts, and neon sticks. By this time next year, our hope is to have 4 new lax short designs! We need your support to get...

Project: Posting Lacrosse Game Scores

Our primary goal in life is to create youth and mens lacrosse shorts that everyone loves, doesn’t everyone have that goal 😉.  However, we also want to grow the great sport of lacrosse in any way we can.  One of the great tragedies in lacrosse these days is the lack of media coverage for games.  It can be hard to simply find the latest scores for lax games whether you’re looking for college, box, or outdoor scores.  This lacrosse season we aim to change that.  On and our Instagram, crosse_shorts, we will post updates on scores from the...

The Lax Vise & Lax shorts

The Lax Vise & Lax shorts

The Lax Vise

Sometimes you need a break from lax shorts, or maybe you just need some other accessories in addition to those lax shorts, so we wrote up some quick info about the Lax Vise, a great stringing tool.

Basically what it is, there are two versions, it’s a lacrosse head stringing stand.  There is a suction cup version and table mount version. Put it on the table, twist the handle, and it suction cups to the table and won’t move.  It has a ball joint where you put a lacrosse head...