The Lax Vise & Lax shorts

The Lax Vise

Sometimes you need a break from lax shorts, or maybe you just need some other accessories in addition to those lax shorts, so we wrote up some quick info about the Lax Vise, a great stringing tool.

Basically what it is, there are two versions, it’s a lacrosse head stringing stand.  There is a suction cup version and table mount version. Put it on the table, twist the handle, and it suction cups to the table and won’t move.  It has a ball joint where you put a lacrosse head on, adjust it at any angle and tighten the ball joint so that it doesn’t move. If you string lax heads often, you know you really need one hand to hold the lax head and one to do the stringing.  With the lax vice you no longer have to hold the head with your hands and instead you can focus on the stringing.

This is especially helpful for traditional heads where having two hands is crucial.  If you string a ton of mesh lax pockets or do a lot of traditional heads this may be the product for you.

As always, if you need sweet lax shorts to go along with your other lacrosse accessories, check out for our latest and greatest lax short designs.

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