Project: Posting Lacrosse Game Scores

Our primary goal in life is to create youth and mens lacrosse shorts that everyone loves, doesn’t everyone have that goal 😉.  However, we also want to grow the great sport of lacrosse in any way we can.  One of the great tragedies in lacrosse these days is the lack of media coverage for games.  It can be hard to simply find the latest scores for lax games whether you’re looking for college, box, or outdoor scores.  This lacrosse season we aim to change that.  On and our Instagram, crosse_shorts, we will post updates on scores from the top games each day.  We’re very excited to work on this project, we will use a streaming service to monitor games closely and automatically pull the scores, team names, and team pictures to highlight.  This project will involve creating a script in the programming language Python.  We’re very excited to put our coding skills to the test!


Hopefully, this means that next lacrosse season you won’t have to go hunting down scores to stay up to date.  Just follow our Instagram for the latest score updates.  If this happens to bring you to our site so that you can check out the latest lacrosse short designs we’re promoting then great!


If you have any interest in being involved in this project please reach out to, we’re happy to work with anyone interested in lacrosse to help build resumes and grow our community through collaboration.  We’re especially looking for a designer to help create awesome lax short designs.



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