Crosse Shorts - About Us

You guys want to look sweet and feel comfortable whether you're at practice, the gym, or hanging out with friends and we want to bring you shorts that achieve that.

We have two goals as a lacrosse shorts company:

1. Make awesome looking shorts that players love

2. Help grow the sport by attracting positive attention to it via awesome designs as well as participating in and sponsoring lacrosse related events whether it's lacrosse tournaments, organizations, or teams

We have a passion for lacrosse and lacrosse lifestyle.  We're a small team working out of Colorado with the sole focus of making sweet lacrosse shorts for you to rock at practice or out in the world.  

We got our start after doing some searches for lacrosse shorts for ourselves.  We couldn't find anything that we'd really want to wear so we decided to make some  ourselves with some awesome designs.

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