New Lacrosse Short Design Release: Mathbook and Miami Vice

Surprise surprise!  We’ve got two new lax short designs available on the site!  We’re extremely excited to announce our Mathbook and Miami Vice lax shorts.  These are definitely two of our coolest creations to date and we think you’ll find that to be true.  They have the same comfortable feel of our previous designs, same length, and same material.  We had two insipirations for these patterns:

  1. Mathbook pattern: We went to high school in the 2000s. During that time, it felt like every math book had the exact same art on the cover.  Some cool shapes, squiggly lines, and unexplained dots.  It was almost like a new universe but made with only sharp geometric shapes.  Why not throw this on lacrosse shorts?
  2. Miami Vice: The Miami heat have recently done a Miami vice colored round of jerseys. The colors on these jerseys just pop out at you.  We wanted to utilize these colors.  No obvious patterns came to mind so why not some badass lightning bolts with the vice colors?  Boom, lax shorts.

If you ever want to be the first to have a pair of shorts, follow our Instagram!  We post designs well in advance and get your feedback on which designs you want to see on lax shorts first.  Our next fun design hasn’t been announced yet but the plan is to have our 7th design launched in time for the next spring season.  If you have any ideas or requests hit us up on Instagram.


Update (1/28): These have turned into some of our most popular designs.  We're so happy our community has enjoyed these.  These designs were voted on directly by our fans.  If you want to vote be sure to follow us on Instagram at Crosse_shorts.  We often post votes there and you can keep up to date on our latest design ideas.  You can also sign up for our email newsletter on the front page.


Pictures Below:


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