Wave Patterned Lacrosse Shorts Release 2/1/2019

Crosse Shorts is releasing our 7th unique lacrosse shorts design on 2/1/2019.  We came to the decision to launch this wave design long ago after much careful deliberation.  After all, how can you think of flow and not think waves?  It just makes sense.  We’ve had such amazing feedback on our shorts to far so we’re very excited to see what the players think of these because they are our team’s favorite yet!  Check out a sample of the new wave shorts below. 


By 1/18 we will have the new design officially launched on the site, at that time we’ll have a new design launch sale, get 20% off by pre-ordering.  Keep an eye on our Instagram @crosse_shorts for details on the code to redeem that 20% off.


If you have ideas for awesome new patterns or you want to become an ambassador for Crosse Shorts, reach us on Instagram.

 wave lacrosse shorts

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