Vail Lacrosse Tournament With Crosse Shorts

 The Vail lacrosse tournament is just 9 days away and we couldn’t be more excited!  For the first time ever, Crosse Shorts will be available in person a the vail tournament.  If you are heading to the tournament please come find our table and grab some free stickers.  Unfortunately, we can only be there one day, Monday, June 17th with our lacrosse shorts. 


If you’ve ever been hesitant to buy because you weren’t able to see the shorts in person, this is your chance!  We’ll also be doing shoutouts on our Instagram for anyone who stops by wearing a pair of our shorts already.

We can’t wait to see you all there.  We plan to have a handful of every size for every pair of shorts, full list right here:

Penguin Lacrosse Shorts

Wave Lacrosse Shorts

Miami Vice Lacrosse Shorts

Tropical Flamingo Lacrosse Shorts

Bright Triangle Lacrosse shorts

Neon Stick lacrosse Shorts

Dinosaur Lacrosse Shorts

Pizza Lacrosse Shorts

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