The Top 10 Men's Lacrosse Shorts Every Pro Needs

Stop being boring! Why? Because you're not boring!

Plain and boring lacrosse shorts are outdated. There's no reason why you should have to give up your personality when playing your favorite sport. Men's lacrosse shorts come in an array of cool designs right here on our site.

Boy lacrosse shorts featuring cool designs are also found here.

Ready to play in style? Lacrosse shorts don't have to kill your swag. Make a statement on the field!

Choose designs that make YOUR voice heard. And don't just stop at the field. Wear your new trendy lacrosse shorts to practice, work-out sessions, or to hangouts with friends. 

Here's our list of the top 10 best men's lacrosse shorts:

1. Cool Designs

Anything with a cool design is worth making the top 10 list. Designs are in, and who likes to be boring anyway? You can go with the expected college sports team theme, or you can turn heads.

Rock catchy symbols that are taking over the internet. Social media is bursting with popular icons. Some of these icons are features of cats or pizza. 

Memes are also fun! Pick your favorite symbol that best represents you and turn it into fashion.

2. Animals

What's better than a cool penguin design on your lacrosse shorts? Penguins with lacrosse sticks, of course! Now you're styling.

They're not cats, but they're just as cool, if not cooler. Hey, they live in snow right? Definitely cool. 

Can you say jealous? Everyone will want to know where you snagged these awesome lacrosse shorts.

3. Food

But first, food. The world revolves around food. Let it revolve around your lacrosse shorts!

Are you a food junkie? Do you express yourself through food a lot? We all do.

Let the world know how much you love food by wearing food inspired designs on your shorts. A well-known staple in the food world is pizza. Everyone loves pizza.

And everyone will love your shorts with a symbolic pizza design. Yum!

4. Prehistoric 

It's fab. Old trends are back. We're seeing leather jackets, overalls, and much more come back into style.

And with all these old trends becoming current trends, it wouldn't be fair to leave out the dinosaurs! They want to feel the love too! Reach out a hand, and stop the dinosaur trend from going extinct.

They already went extinct once. Don't let it happen again! Dinosaur lacrosse shorts represent your voice to stop the dinosaur trend from going extinct!

5. 90s

This decade might not date back to dinosaur times, but we think it should be protected from "going extinct" as well. Remember when we mentioned overalls coming back into style? Yeah, they're from the 90s.

So it's a pretty important decade. A lot of 90s styles are making their comeback. 

Do your part in saving the 90s by owning a pair of 90s style men's lacrosse shorts. These designs are extremely fun to wear, and you'll be keeping up with the newest fashion while you do it.

And don't forget your sweatband!

6. Flashy

Nothing is flashier than lightning bolts! If you like to stand out in the crowd, this vibrant pattern is for you. Can you say, "flashy?" 

There's no fun in blending in. Be yourself, and the focus of attention with these crazy lacrosse shorts. 

Because we know your personality is ecstatic!

7. Surf's Up

Everyone will try to ride your wave when they see you in these fashionable shorts. Stay cool in this water theme design. And keep everyone around you cool too with this fashion statement.

Whether you live by water or not, you're sure to set the tone in this pair of shorts. 

8. Beach Life

The beach is calling you!

Palm trees, flamingos, lobsters, and more are all great icons to boost your style. These are the perfect match to your cool wave pair. 

Get a glimpse of the beach when you're wearing your new beach style lacrosse shorts. They also look great as casual wear on a chill day out on the town.

9. Neon

What would a top 10 list of any clothing item be without neon colors. Don't be bland. Be neon!

Neon colors are great for evening games or practices. You'll be shinning in the spotlights. They're good for daytime wear as well, because the sunlight will bring out all the neon.

Neon colors are awesome, just like you!

10. Patriot 

Hello, America! Feeling a little patriotic today?

What better way to say patriot than a pair of American flag design lacrosse shorts? And it doesn't have to stop at the flag. Any American symbol will work great to represent your country.

Try designs with that feature the bald eagle or the Statue of Liberty, which will also show your patriotism. 

Not Any Old Pair Of Men's Lacrosse Shorts

You're too hip to let a pair of simple lacrosse shorts dim your light. And there's no reason to anymore. Now that there are several fashion-forward men lacrosse shorts designs to choose from.

Our website offers some of the greatest lacrosse shorts you will find. Visit our website and find lacrosse shorts for boys and men, because cool patterns aren't just for kids.

Don't see that perfect style for you? No worries! We give our customers the chance to voice their own opinions through our poll system. 

Customers vote in the design polls on which cool design should be produced next! So head on over and make your voice count! And don't forget to save the dinosaurs while you're there!

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