Cool Youth Lacrosse Shorts

Cool Lacrosse Shorts

You deserve cool lacrosse shorts and we are providing them.  Lacrosse isn't just some sport, it's a sport with an attitude.  Your lacrosse shorts should help you stand out just like your play style.  We decided to make cool lacrosse shorts to help you out and we think they're cool enough for both on and off the field. 

Check out our full collection of lax shorts from the collections page here:

On top of being cool, we also made them comfortable.  Wear these around the house, hanging out with friends, to school, or to practice.  They’re light, have two deep pockets, and they’re sweat wicking, basically all of the best things a pair of shorts can have.

We made a number of cool lacrosse short options and we want to make 4 more this year.  If you have ideas of other designs comment below or message us on Instagram.  Right now we have 4 sweet lax short designs: penguins with lax sticks, neon sticks, dinosaurs (T-Rex), and pizza slices. 

We think it’s important that we help the sport of lacrosse grow and we want to do that by helping the players stand out with cool shorts and attract some attention from someone who maybe never considered lacrosse.  Remember to represent the sport well, have fun, and play hard!


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